RETRACTED ARTICLE: Analysis of the seasonal variation of the Yellow River flux and the chlorophyll concentration in Laizhou Bay in 2007 Conference

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  • Wang, CL; Tang, J; Wang, H; Yu, X; Mi, S

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  • The estuary influenced by land and sea is the area frequently exchanged of matter and energy. respond very sensitively in global changes. Therefore, the estuaries and the shallow areas are the focus in research project of the interaction between the terrestrial and marine. Laizhou Bay is one of the three bays in Bohai sea. It's located at the mouth of the Yellow River and is the typical estuarine area. the Yellow River hold sway the delivery of the substances into the Bay. And because of the extra nitrogen, phosphorus, organic carbon and other chemical ozone-depleting substances taken into by the river, Laizhou Bay presents eutrophication, and then brings environment problems, for example, red tide. Thus the study of changes about the Yellow River has very important significance on the management of the Laizhou Bay. Based on the measurement on the runoff of the Yellow River Lijin Station and the images of the SeaWiFS remote sensing data in 2007, this paper applies the OC4 algorithm to calculate the chlorophyll concentration, which has obvious regional and seasonal features. The basic principle is the chlorophyll shows the "fan" decline from the estuary to the gulf center, the estuaries grows and the chlorophyll distribution increases with the season, then the chlorophyll concentration bears obvious correlation with the flux of the Yellow River. This study can estimate the primary productivity in the estuary, and provide a reference to the effectively development of ocean resources. © 2010 IEEE.

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  • January 1, 2010

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