Magnetostatic waves-based integrated optic device modules and applications to communications and signal processings Conference

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  • Tsai, CS; Young, D; Vu, TQ; Wang, CL

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  • A progress report on wideband magnetooptic interactions between guided-optical waves and magnetostatic waves, the resulting device modules, the resulting device modules, and applications to communications and signal processing is given. First, the technique for realization of GHz-bandwidth magnetooptic Bragg cells with electronically tunable center frequency (from 2.0 to over 11.0 GHz) and their applications to wideband light-beam scanning and switching, and RF spectral analysis are described. The design, fabrication, and performance characteristics of ion-milled waveguide lenses and the resulting magnetostatic wave-based integrated-optic device modules are then presented.

publication date

  • December 1, 1989

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  • 306


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