A quasi-one-dimensional model for a chain of water molecules on the nanometer scale Article

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  • Wu, KF; Wan, RZ; Wang, CL; Ren, XP; Fang, HP

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  • Water confined into the interior channels of narrow carbon nanotubes or transmembrane proteins can form collectively oriented molecular chains held together by tight hydrogen bonds. We develop a quasi-one-dimensional model for a chain of water molecules which interact with each other via the Coulomb and power-like repulsive interactions. We explore the equilibrium property of the water chain and derive an exact analytical expression for the total interaction energy of the water chain, denoted by W(0)int. It is found that W(0)int is minimal when the distance between the two neighboring water molecules in a hydrogen-bonded chain is equal to 0.265nm. The model is expected to be useful for studying analytically the properties of single-file water molecules inside water channels, such as the concerted motion of water molecules. © 2010 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

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  • March 19, 2010

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