A kind of hierarchical data storage management system design for wireless sensor network Conference

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  • Ma, L; Tang, C; Wang, C; Xue, F

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  • Measuring, reporting physical variables related to their environment and then transmitting the data to user is the main context in wireless sensor network, so data storage and access has become one of the important issues. The routing protocol is the basis of data storage and access in wireless sensor network. In the paper, center on data-centric and base on cluster-routing, design a kind of hierarchical data-storage management system for wireless sensor network. First, from the perspective of data storage and data query, this paper introduce the system, and then verify the improvement on the energy consumption and query speed of the system by experiment, it provides a good way on data storage and management. © 2011 Chinese Assoc of Automati.

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  • September 27, 2011

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