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  • Wang, CL; Xie, HD; Wang, ZD; Jia, SY


  • Based on the information system characteristics of mine, proposed network architecture design of the mine property. And in this framework based on the design of three-dimensional virtual mine described the application of intelligent management platform. Three-dimensional virtual underground mine that shows the situation, the core application is through remote monitoring system of information exchange between devices (material object communication). Internet of things in the framework of mining three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of mine. On coal mine safety in the production process of human, machine and environment, control elements and their harmony and unity. 3D virtual mine management platform integrates personnel positioning, dust control, gas monitoring, roof pressure monitoring, fan-line monitoring and other subsystems. Platform through the underground mine sensing equipment to conduct various types of monitoring data integration, through the transport layer device to transmit the information to the application layer intelligence processing software platform, the system automatically handles the operational status of each subsystem and the need for safe production under the proper introduction of human factors deal with special event. 3D virtual mine management platform to mining, excavation, transport, ventilation and other safety information quickly and accurately transmitted to the ground operation control center. Underground for the first time on the linkage between systems in case of emergencies, to provide safety for management decision support. © The Editorial Office of Journal of Coal Science and Engineering (China) and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011.

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