Advanced green analytical chemistry for environmental pesticide detection Article

Kaur, N, Khunger, A, Wallen, SL et al. (2021). Advanced green analytical chemistry for environmental pesticide detection . 30 10.1016/j.cogsc.2021.100488

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  • Kaur, N; Khunger, A; Wallen, SL; Kaushik, A; Chaudhary, GR; Varma, RS

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  • By understanding the adverse effects of pesticide residues on human and aquatic health, the 21st century has awareness to the importance of adopting advanced agriculture based on minimum use of pesticide residues. Such advancements advocate the development of novel and sensitive analytical methods, which can detect ultra-low levels of pesticide residues with minimum complexity and requirement of expensive traditional analytical techniques. The objective of the present work is to bring forth the concept of green analytical chemistry and to assess the recent progress in pesticide detection techniques within the framework of green chemistry and sustainability. Herein, recent advances are outlined in analytical techniques based on nanosystems for convenient, fast, green, and ultrasensitive detection of pesticide residues in food and environmental samples, including deliberations on newer and future cost-effective, analytical approaches in the field of pesticide detection.

publication date

  • August 1, 2021

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