Chromosome analysis of ectopic human conceptuses Article

Elias, S, LeBeau, M, Simpson, JL et al. (1981). Chromosome analysis of ectopic human conceptuses . 141(6), 698-703. 10.1016/s0002-9378(15)33314-7

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  • Elias, S; LeBeau, M; Simpson, JL; Martin, AO

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  • Maternal factors (e.g., salpingitis) are known to be associated with ectopic gestations: however, few studies have considered the chromosomal complements or morphologic features of ectopic conceptuses. We studied 23 ectopic conceptuses removed from fallopian tubes during surgical resection. The chromosomal complements were normal (four with 46,XY; four with 46,XX) in all cases in which an intact embryo was identified, as well as in the single case characterized by disorganized embryonic tissue. Ten of the 14 ectopic conceptuses in which only a gestational sac and placental villi were identified also showed normal chromosomal complements (seven with 46,XX; three with 46,XY); in the remaining four cases, variations from the normal chromosomal complement were found (46,XX/47,XX,+9; 45,X/46,XX; 46,XX/47,XX+mar; and 92,XXXX). The former two probably signify underlying fetal abnormalities; however, the latter two could have reflected, respectively, in vitro aberrations or tetraploidy characteristic of normal amnion. Pooled data from this study and two previous reports indicate that ectopic conceptuses probably have no higher frequency of chromosomal abnormalities than in utero conceptuses of comparable embryonic ages.

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  • January 1, 1981

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