Two male sibs with a previously unrecognized syndrome: facial dysmorphia, hyperextensibility of joints, clinodactyly, growth retardation and mental retardation Article

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  • Morillo-Cucci, G; Passarge, E; Simpson, JL; Chaganti, RS; German, J

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  • The strikingly similar patterns of developmental abnormalities the authors observed in the 2 mentally retarded brothers described here indicate that they have a syndrome, one very possibly genetically determined. The features these brothers share are the following: an unusual facies, short stature, hyperextensibility of the joints, bilateral clinodactyly of the 5th finger and mental retardation. Although chromosomal imbalance is a possibility, no evidence for this was obtained by quinacrine fluorescence and G banding technics. That both sibs were male suggests X linked inheritance, but autosomal recessive transmission is the other good possibility.

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  • December 1, 1975

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