Ensuring Representativeness in Competencies for Research Coordinators. Article

Solberg, Lauren B, Kolb, H Robert, Prikhidko, Alena et al. (2018). Ensuring Representativeness in Competencies for Research Coordinators. . 32(5), https://www.acrpnet.org/2018/05/15/ensuring-repres.

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  • Solberg, Lauren B; Kolb, H Robert; Prikhidko, Alena; Behar-Horenstein, Linda S

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  • Providing educational programs designed to promote clinical research coordinators' (CRCs') implementation of competency skills is essential to workforce development; however, little is known about how programs address CRCs' needs. The purpose of this study was to assess CRCs' experiences in a six-month course. Using focus group methods, six participants revealed how the training assisted them in daily work. The findings supported previous study results, and led to the identification of two competencies which are missing from the existing Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency framework domains of "Communication and Teamwork" and "Leadership and Professionalism." The authors explain why these competencies are important for coordinators. The authors also discuss the instrumentality of qualitative research to ensure that competency domains reflect the needs of those for whom they are developed.

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  • May 15, 2018


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  • https://www.acrpnet.org/2018/05/15/ensuring-repres


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