Local structures in zincblende-type random solid solutions Article

Wu, Z, Lu, K. (1994). Local structures in zincblende-type random solid solutions . 6(24), 4437-4448. 10.1088/0953-8984/6/24/006

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  • Wu, Z; Lu, K

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  • The local structures of zincblende-type solid solutions A 1-xBxC can be described with five distorted unit cells based on a phenomenological valence force-field approach. Bond lengths and strain energies in these solid solutions can be obtained. The distorted feature of the local structure is well described by the five distorted unit cells. This structural model has been applied to 18 A1-xBxC systems. Results are compared with those from extended X-ray absorption fine structure and demonstrate that all the first- and second-neighbour bond lengths are in agreement with experimental values, with the largest divergence being about 0.01 AA. In addition, this model is also compared with the five special tetrahedra model.

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  • December 1, 1994

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