Research of high-pressure structure of titanite Article

Zhu, XP, Qin, S, Liu, J et al. (2006). Research of high-pressure structure of titanite . 26(3), 6-11.

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  • Zhu, XP; Qin, S; Liu, J; Li, XD; Wu, X; Wu, ZH

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  • By using synchrotron radiation energy dispersive X-ray diffraction and diamond-anvil-cell technology at room temperature, the in-situ high pressure structure of natural titanite had been studied experimentally. In the experiment, with increasing pressure, titanite transforms from P21/a to A2/a at the pressure of 3.9 GPa and another phase transition A2/a→ occurs at the pressure of 10.9 GPa. It is quite possible that titanite possesses the same stable phase between 10.9 GPa and 25.1 GPa. Based on the result of experiment and the P-T phase boundary reported in literature, it is concluded that titanite could behave stably within some range of depth in the upper mantle, which corresponds to the existence of aluminous titanite in eclogite-zone. This research is helpful for the understanding of the geochemical behavior of titanium and silicon in the depth of Earth.

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  • September 1, 2006

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