Introduction to Genetically Optimized Neural Network Systems (GONNS) Conference

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  • Tansel, IN; Yang, SY; Shu, C; Bao, WY; Mahendrakar, N; Tansel, B; Huffman, FG


  • Genetically Optimized Neural Network Systems (GONNS) are introduced to find the optimal operating conditions for complex systems. GONNS uses the multiple back-propagation-type neural networks to represent the characteristics of the considered system and estimates the optimal operating conditions by using genetic algorithms. Back-propagation-type neural networks represented the simulated systems of the test cases with an average error of less than 1%. The genetic algorithms converged to the global minimum in less than 350 iterations having an error of less than 2%. The GONNS is an excellent decision-making aid for selection of manufacturing process and preparation of ideal diet.

publication date

  • December 1, 1999

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