Detecting microtool failures Article

Tansel, I, Trujillo, M, Bao, WY et al. (1997). Detecting microtool failures . 49(6),

cited authors

  • Tansel, I; Trujillo, M; Bao, WY; Arkan, T


  • In micro-endmilling, the tools are so small it's difficult for the operator to tell when they break. A study has been conducted to determine the possibility of using acoustic emissions (AEs) to alert the user to a tool failure. A prototype of a system has been tested using AE. The AE system used worked effectively. The experimental results also verified the theory that tool breakage is caused by wear-induced stress. However, although the AE activity indicated most of the problems, it could not detect the causes of the problem and whether the tool can recover.

publication date

  • September 1, 1997


  • 49


  • 6