Innovative grid technologies applied to bioinformatics and hurricane mitigation Conference

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  • Badia, R; Dasgupta, G; Ezenwoye, O; Fong, L; Ho, H; Khuri, S; Liu, Y; Luis, S; Praino, A; Prost, JP; Radwan, A; Sadjadi, SM; Shivaji, S; Viswanathan, B; Welsh, P; Younis, A


  • The Latin American Grid (LA Grid) joint research program fosters collaborative research across eleven universities and IBM Research with the objective of developing innovative grid technologies and applying them to solve challenging problems in the application areas of bioinformatics and hurricane mitigation. This paper describes some of these innovative technologies, such as the support for transparent to the application expert grid enablement, meta-scheduling, job flows, data integration, and custom visualization, and shows how these technologies will be leveraged in the LA Grid infrastructure to provide solutions to pharmagenomics problems and hurricane prediction ensemble simulations. © 2008 The authors and IOS Press.

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  • January 1, 2008

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