Anopheles midgut FREP1 mediates plasmodium invasion Article

Zhang, G, Niu, G, Franca, CM et al. (2015). Anopheles midgut FREP1 mediates plasmodium invasion . 290(27), 16490-16501. 10.1074/jbc.M114.623165

cited authors

  • Zhang, G; Niu, G; Franca, CM; Dong, Y; Wang, X; Butler, NS; Dimopoulos, G; Li, J


  • Background: The molecular mechanisms of Plasmodium invasion in mosquito midguts are not well understood. Results: The mosquito midgut peritrophic matrix protein FREP1 binds Plasmodia. Blocking parasite-FREP1 interactions or ablating FREP1 expression reduced P. falciparum infection in mosquitoes. Conclusion: FREP1 functions as a critical host factor that mediates Plasmodium invasion in mosquito midguts. Significance: Targeting FREP1 may inhibit Plasmodium transmission to mosquitoes and the spread of malaria.

publication date

  • July 3, 2015

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  • 16490

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  • 16501


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