Sulfonamide ligands for extraction of Ln(III) and An(III) from alkaline aqueous media Conference

cited authors

  • Govor, EV; Adedoyin, OW; Morozov, AN; Rains, AA; Nabi Ajoff, B; Mebel, AM; Kavallieratos, K


  • Extraction of Sm(III) from aqueous media of various alkalinity by dichloromethane solutions of omonosulfonamidophenols and o-phenylenediaminederived disulfonamides has been carried out. Following stripping of organic phases by 0.1M HNO3 and analysis of aqueous phases by both ICP-OES and the UV-Vis spectrophotometric method involving Arsenazo-III indicator led to determination of efficiency for the extraction-stripping process, as expressed by % ratio of recovered Sm(III). We report the results in two distinct pH regions: 10.5 to 12-12.5 and 12-12.5 to 14. The % ratio for recovered Sm(III) was determined to be 28% under pH 12.5 using trioctylamine, while preliminary results with Et3N indicate much higher recovery. The nature of the organic base used and of the substituents in the sulfonamide ligand framework affects the overall performance of the extraction-stripping process.

publication date

  • January 1, 2020

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