Integration of wind tunnel data with full scale wind climate Conference

cited authors

  • Irwin, P; Garber, J; Ho, E

fiu authors


  • Wind tunnel techniques for measuring wind-induced loads and responses are continually improving. Although various laboratories tend to generate similar data, the final design recommendations made using that data can show significant differences between the groups. Often, it is the interpretation of the data with respect to the full scale wind climate that is the main source of these differences. This paper is intended to stimulate discussion to develop more consistency in this respect. The collection and interpretation of full scale wind data is discussed first. Aligning the wind tunnel data with the appropriate full scale matching speed(s) is then addressed, with some comments on the available information on wind profiles. Finally, several methods for the prediction of design wind loads and responses are presented. The methods vary in complexity and computational effort and include the Upper Bound (non directional), Sector Design Speed, Upcrossing and Storm Passage Methods.

publication date

  • December 1, 2005